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JointJS and JointJS+ comparison

Quickly compare the included features of the free JointJS library and the paid commercial extension, JointJS+, to decide which is right for you.
JointJS Core is the free, open source library which natively supports visualization and interaction with diagrams, graphs and more.
JointJS+ is the paid commercial extension to JointJS Core and extends functionality with widgets, interaction components, additional shapes and more, to build advanced HTML5 applications.
Feature and Description
Custom Shapes
Define custom - and interactive - shapes using a combination of SVG and JointJS/JointJS+ APIs that ease creation of these shapes (elements or links with optional labels).
Graph Data Model
Strong underlying graph data model with rich API for programmatic graph manipulation.
JSON Import / Export
Export your diagrams to JSON for easy back-end front-end transfer and DB storage. Import them back from JSON to recover the diagram state as it was.
Custom Properties
Hook your own custom data to any shape, link or the entire diagram. Custom properties are handled as first-class citizens (export/import to/from JSON, event handling works for them as with any other property.
Interactive Diagrams
Interactive shapes and links (moving, rotation, linking, ...).
Read-Only View
Set your diagrams to a non-interactive mode at any time for read-only view.
Built-In Shapes
Ready-to-use set of built-in shapes for most popular diagrams (rectangles, ovals, lines, ERD, State machines, Logic, ORG, ...). Use them as-is or customize to suit your need.
Rich Set of Events
React on anything that happens in your diagrams (movement, property changes, structural changes, ....) and run custom code.
Smart Link Routing
Smart routing of links to avoid other shapes or obstacles.
Support for Ports
Easy API for adding, removing, updating and connecting ports. Ports can be added to any shape.
Fast Graph Traversal
Algorithms Fast algorithms for graph traversal, including (but not limited to) retrieving successors, predecessors, sources, sinks, neighbors, BFS & DFS search, subgraphs, common ancestors, ...
Geometry Math
API Geometry API providing a rich set of functions that deal with math in 2D space (rectangles, lines, curves, ovals, points, ...).
SVG Mini Library
A low-level helper SVG library with API that eases working with SVG. Optional in normal circumstances but very useful for heavy customizations.
Control Panels
A configurable and skinnable control panel above diagram shapes to keep important tools close at hand.
Element Palettes
Element palette with accordion like grouping for drag&drop of shapes onto the diagram.
Export your diagrams to other useful formats such as JSON, PNG, JPEG or SVG.
Free Transform
Resize and rotate your shapes on all sides and in any direction, including when rotated.
Undo / Redo
Undo and redo actions down to an arbitrary level and as often as needed.
Automatic Layouts
Automatically layout your diagrams in a tree, grid or any directed or undirected graph.
Inline Text Editor
Add powerful (rich-text) inline text editing to any textual label of your shapes.
Make sure your diagrams are always in the state you need them to be by automatically cancelling invalid actions.
Snaplines (a.k.a Guidelines) are great for guiding the user in aligning shapes in your diagrams.
Selection provides shapes multi-selection, moving the selection in one go and manipulating the selection in terms of selecting/deselecting individual elements (cherry-picking).
Displays a smaller interactive view into a larger diagram for quick navigation.
Easilly configurable properties editor and viewer for your diagram model and shapes.
Display images in a ligthbox widget.
A high-level and cross-browser API for handling single keystrokes or key combinations in your diagramming applications.
Path Drawer
An interactive widget for drawing vector shapes (both primitive and curves).
Path Editor
An interactive widget for editing vector shapes (both primitive and curves).
Zoom & Pan
Zoom, scroll and pan your diagrams (optionally) using animation transitions.
Configurable and skinnable popups for images, text or other diagrams.
Configurable and skinnable tooltips for images, text or other diagrams.
Configurable and skinnable toolbar panel with custom buttons, inputs, selected boxes, ranges and other widgets.
Flash Message
Display "flash" messages in your applications (possibly animated and with automatic handling of stacking multiple messages).
Display both modal and non-modal dialogs in your applications.
Context Toolbars
Contextual menus that can be hook on any element or shape in your apps.
Enable copy-pasting of diagrams or their parts either within one diagram or even between browser tabs or page refreshes.
Color Palette
UI widget for displaying dropdowns with color palette.
Enable printing diagrams or their parts using the browser print dialog. Includes a UI for interactive diagram area selection and header/footer definition.
Graph Shortest Path algorithm
Find the shortest path between any two nodes in a diagram.
BPMN set of shapes.
Plots, Bars, Area, Pie & Donuts, Matrix and Knobs. Interactive charts are just like any other shapes so that you can embed them in your diagrams to display e.g. real-time data.
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