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We are committed to making your idea a reality. Our team of top-notch engineers is here to provide everything you need, including conference calls, remote troubleshooting, expert advice, and more.
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Remote troubleshooting

If you are in trouble, our team of engineers will dive in and propose the right solution. No matter where you are on Earth.

Advice from experts

Get insights, best practices and general advice from industry experts and from the creators of JointJS and JointJS+ themselves.

Conference calls

Whenever you need to, you can talk to a dedicated and highly skilled engineer who knows your project intimately during conference calls.

Online ticketing system

Get access to our online ticketing system with guaranteed response times, and make sure your problem doesn't go unresolved.

Guaranteed response time

We know your time is limited. That's why we emphasize complete and timely answers to all your questions.

Expert code review

Share your code with our top-tier engineers and get constructive feedback on how to achieve what you want more efficiently.
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Priority support

Discuss your approach with our team and speed up your development.

Premium subscription

per year
30 hours of support
1 dedicated top-tier engineer
Average response time 4 hours

Standart subscription

per year
15 hours of support
1 dedicated top-tier engineer
Average response time 12 hours
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community-driven support

Basic support

If you haven't chosen to subscribe to our priority support, you are still entitled to our basic support, which includes an online ticketing system and help from community members.

Online ticketing system

Kickstart your project with the help of our engineering experts.
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The JointJS team has helped us through some of our most difficult requirements to deliver a top-notch product for our customer. Their development team goes above and beyond to assist with questions and is very responsive. I highly recommend both their product and their support package!
Matthew Sullivan
Project Manager, G2
JointJS+ has allowed us to deliver top-notch features and complex mechanisms with ease. Its efficient documentation, fast implementation and great customer support was exactly what we were looking for.
Alon Doron
Software Engineer, NICE Systems Ltd.
The JointJS+ toolkit is the best solution we found as a full fledged diagramming library for the web. The JointJS team has been extremely responsive to our needs and it’s been great to help contribute back to the product throughout our development process.
Kevin Mansel
Senior Software Engineer, Patent Navigation
I worked with JointJS+ on different projects to build graphical editors and it helps me get off the ground quickly. Most of the features that you know from other modern editors, even the more advanced ones, are prebuilt in the framework and can be enabled with just a few lines of code. All other features can be added easily due to the framework‘s open nature. And if you get stuck, they provide excellent technical support where you can get in touch directly with the creators of the framework.
Andreas Mülder
Team Leader, Itemis

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Leverage a time-tested JavaScript diagramming library using the best of HTML5 and SVG to accelerate your development.