About us

We are diagramming experts and No-Code believers

We believe that our tools help people follow their dreams and support their effort to change the world in a positive way.

The JointJS team
our mission

Building a foundation layer for No-Code/Low-Code

We focus all the energy and talent of our top software engineers on creating the best and most reliable code base for diagramming and visual applications that other developers can use to positively impact people's lives.

JointJS+ demo applications
What we stand for

We worship creative thinking

We value creativity in particular. Our customers are forward-thinking people who use our solutions to cover endless use cases and create all kinds of amazing things.

what we follow

Our values

Openess and honesty

Openness and honesty

JointJS was first released in 2011 as an open-source library to help developers create visual applications more efficiently. That's why we constantly return to open-source values of community, openness, and honesty.
Passion for improvement

Passion for improvement

We contribute to the future of development and want to be the best in quality, timeliness and availability. We will always go the extra mile to find better solutions for our customers and community.
who's behind it

Our team

David Durman, CEO at client IO
David Durman
chief executive officer
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Roman Brückner, CTO at client IO
Roman Brückner
Chief technology Officer
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Marcel Liker, CIO at client IO
Marcel Liker
Chief information Officer
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Vladimír Talaš, Tech Lead at client IO
Vladimír Talaš
tech lead
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Marek Hozák, Head of Marketing at client IO
Marek Hozák
head of marketing
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Alexis Manach, Head of Sales at client IO
Alexis Manach
Head of sales
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James Williams, Software Engineer at client IO
James Williams
software engineer
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Martin Kaněra, Software Engineer at client IO
Martin Kaněra
software engineer
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Be one of us. Work with positive minds, give back to the developer community and continuously improve your skills.