Create interactive Svelte diagrams with a professional library

Leverage the lightweight reactive nature of Svelte combined with our powerful diagramming toolkit to build advanced visual applications.

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One library, unlimited UIs

Enjoy interactive flowcharts, mind maps, kanban boards and other diagramming studios directly inside your Svelte application. Benefit from our app templates and reduce your development time to days.
Feature highlights

Complete diagramming toolkit

Don't reinvent the wheel. Let us take care of all the math, interactivity and graphics for you. Use a set of pre-built diagramming tools to build an outstanding app while saving months of complex development and avoiding headaches from never-ending code maintenance.

Automatic layouts and link routing

Lay out nodes as an orgchart, flowchart or force-directed graph, and determine link behavior with built-in or custom routers.

Custom SVG or HTML shapes with ports

Provide your own custom shape definitions (including ports) for your diagram nodes using SVG or HTML.

Export/Import, Serialisation

Export your diagrams to various formats (PNG, JPEG, SVG, PDF), or use JSON for an easy integration with your database.


Enable user interaction by triggering events on the JointJS paper, or individual elements and links.

Snaplines, element & link tools

Define custom UI to manipulate elements and links via built-in and custom tools, including snaplines, buttons and connect tools.

Property editor & viewer

Keep all your diagram data in one place using the model-view architecture, and edit it via the property editor & viewer component.

Zoom and pan, copy and paste & undo and redo

Enhance your application with core diagram controls without having to create them from scratch.

Element palette

Organize your shapes in the element palette, then drag & drop to the diagram.
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Seamless integration of JointJS+ & Svelte

See the integration in action, demonstrated on a small piece of a complete application – initializing a diagram and defining custom element type.

Our approach to integration is simple yet easily scalable. Include JointJS+ code anywhere in your Svelte application and enhance any component with advanced functionality.


It works with all versions of Svelte

Our professional library works seamlessly with all previous versions of Svelte and doesn't require extra effort when new versions of Svelte are released.

Explore the Svelte integration with our Chatbot demo

Use our Chatbot demo app, which follows integration best practices, to get a better sense of how the marriage of JointJS+ and Svelte looks.

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Feature highlights

Integrate your Svelte app with JointJS+

Ready to roll up your sleeves? Watch this tutorial to get an in-depth guidance on how to incorporate JointJS+ into a Svelte app.


Why developers love us

10+ years of work and experience has led to several areas where we excel today.


Scalable vector graphics

Vector graphics is the building block of our library. It renders perfectly, supports accessibility and makes interaction easier.
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Our library is used in a wide variety of industries and fields for all kinds of applications. Use one of our many demos as a boilerplate for your project and get results in no time.
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Our library can serve everyone from novice programmers who benefit from a wide range of ready-to-implement features, to experienced developers who need as much customization as possible.
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Browser & framework friendliness

Browser & framework friendliness

Our library works on all devices and is compatible with all major JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue and others.
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Exceptional support

Exceptional support

Our library is built by developers for developers. We know things can get complicated, and we're proud to provide top-notch support including conference calls, expert code reviews and other services to help you overcome any obstacle.
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Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing

JointJS+ is priced per developer, making it suitable for projects of any size. This means you can develop any number of products for any number of users on any number of machines without paying more.
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Build a professional visual application with ease

Start a 30-day trial and get access to all JointJS+ features and demo applications.

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JointJS+, the first choice of industry leaders

We empower industry giants, startups and solopreneurs to build visual and No-Code/Low-Code applications faster and with confidence.

Diagrams are very powerful to represent workflows; our workflow engineering team couldn't find a better solution to represent workflows than using JointJS+ solutions. The engineering team and the solutions team were very supportive in providing us samples for Sveltekit and this helped us accelerate our development process.
Ravi Somayaji
VP of Engineering, Bluecopa

JointJS & JointJS+

Choose our community version for basic solutions, or go professional to create advanced visual applications without limitations.

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Community version for basic apps
JointJS is a community-driven diagramming library that helps developers create simple applications in less time by offering essential UI features.
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Open-source code
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Essential features
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Basic support
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Swiss-army knife on the road to cutting-edge apps
JointJS+ extends the functionality of JointJS and offers a wide range of customizable features, ready-to-implement demo apps and white-glove support.
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Commercial license and source code
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40+ UI features
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150+ ready-to-use demo apps
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Dedicated developer support
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