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This flowchart created using our JavaScript/Typescript flowchart library shows a simple checkout process. Use it as a boilerplate for your application and let your users design the sequence of movements or actions. This demo application can be easily integrated into React, Angular, Vue, and Svelte.
Demo instructions
Interact with the diagram by moving the position of the elements.

See the Pen JointJS: Flowchart by JointJS (@jointjs) on CodePen.

Made with JointJS+

Only available with the JointJS+ commercial license in the apps/ directory of your package. Don't have a license yet? Start a trial and use the source code of all our demos for free, with no strings attached, for 30 days.

Made with JointJS

Available in the JointJS open-source library which helps developers create simple visual applications in less time.

Speed up your development with a powerful library

Leverage a time-tested JavaScript diagramming library using the best of HTML5 and SVG to accelerate your development.