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Create Low-code/No-code, Flowchart, BPMN and many other unique diagramming studios with ease.

Rappid, an HTML5 diagramming framework
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Meet JointJS+

Rappid – a HTML5 diagramming framework

Powerful Visual Tools

JointJS+ is a diagramming framework for advanced applications, delivering the best of HTML 5 + SVG and providing you with the right tools to build outstanding products.

Create your next visual tools in days, not months, by focusing on your underlying business logic instead of worrying about the UI.
Free, fully functioning,  
no commitment.

Beautiful Custom Applications

Enjoy interactive flowcharts, diagrams, graphs and more directly inside your apps, and enable users to manipulate the data from within.

Every part of the user interface can be customized to match your experience and brand, and can be embedded in any page, and communicate via AJAX and JSON with any back-end.
many examples to use and
explore, with source code
Rappid, an HTML5 diagramming framework
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What it does

There are many ways JointJS+ can bring your visions to life.
Here are just a few examples.
Rappid, an HTML5 diagramming framework

Workflow Systems

Integrate a visual interface to workflow systems such as IVR, ETL, marketing automation applications and more.
Rappid, an HTML5 diagramming framework

BPMN Tools

Quickly create Business Process Management tools, and connect any backend technology via JSON Ajax.
Rappid, an HTML5 diagramming framework

Project Management

Build project management applications with highly interactive, visual, and customized components.
Rappid, an HTML5 diagramming framework

Diagramming Editors

Build diagramming applications such as Org Chart Editors, Mind Mapping Tools, Flowchart Editors and more.
Rappid, an HTML5 diagramming framework

Floor Planners

Add a floor planner editor to your applications dealing with floor layout, event planning and others.
Rappid, an HTML5 diagramming framework

Dependency Management

Design a dependency management interface to make it easy for app users to follow dependencies in a visual way.
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It works everywhere

Rappid, an HTML5 diagramming framework
JointJS+ works across all devices so you can deploy an unlimited number of commercial applications with full access to source code.  
And it's compatible with all major JavaScript frameworks, including:
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Extensive plugin sets

You can easily expand and customize JointJS+ functionality.
Here are some popular examples of the many plugins available.
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Control Panels

A configurable control panel above diagram elements to keep important tools close at hand.
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Element Palettes

Element palette with accordion like grouping for quick and easy access to what you need.
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Export your diagrams to other useful formats such as JSON, PNG, JPEG or SVG.
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Free Transform

Resize your elements on all sides and in any direction, including when rotated.
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Automatically and conveniently layout your elements in a tree, grid, or any directed graph.
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Undo / Redo

Undo and Redo actions down to an arbitrary level and as often as needed.
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Plots, Bars, Area, Pie & Donuts, Matrix and Knobs. Charts are an element that you can use like any other shape.
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Tree Layouts

Automatic tree layout of elements is great for org charts, class inheritance, sitemaps and other similar structures.
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Local Storage

A high level API to conveniently and efficiently store graphs and any other documents in a browser's local storage.
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Make sure your documents are always in the state you need them to be by automatically cancelling invalid actions.

Visio Import/Export

Import or export your Visio (.vsdx) documents and even define your own custom shape mappings.
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Display your info messages anywhere in the user interface while also supporting HTML content.
Rappid plugins


Give your users an accurate and intuitive way to align objects within their diagrams.
Rappid plugins


Display a smaller view into a larger diagram with navigation controls while keeping a bird's-eye view.
Rappid plugins

BPMN Shapes

A complete set of BPMN 2 shapes. All shapes can be further customized, including size, colors, borders and more.
Rappid plugins


An extensive set of geometry operations that help you with your calculations in 2D space. Very useful for advanced controls and low-level customizations.
Rappid plugins


Copy-paste parts of your diagrams either within a single diagram, between multiple different diagrams on the same page or even across browser tabs.
Rappid plugins

Vector Editing

Vector drawing and editing plugin lets you build advanced vector graphics editing applications.
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Brands trust us

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