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JointJS+ allowed CELUS to focus all our efforts on developing our core technology, while still providing our users with a great diagramming experience. The library is fast to integrate and comes with a wide set of advanced features out of the box that saved us countless development hours. A great partner to have!
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Rui Calsaverini
Engineering Director, CELUS GmbH
JointJS+ was really a great find, as it gave us a great boost in the diagramming frontend of our application. These guys know their business and give you a great support on your development. One of our requirements was to have a BPMN diagram support in our app and they quickly supplied this as a plugin to JointJS+!
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José Miguel Gonçalves
Project Manager, Nov Inesc Inovação
The JointJS+ toolkit is the best solution we found as a full fledged diagramming library for the web. The JointJS team has been extremely responsive to our needs and it’s been great to help contribute back to the product throughout our development process.
Customer photo
Kevin Mansel
Senior Software Engineer, Patent Navigation
JointJS+ was the perfect product for us. We have used JointJS+ as the foundation to create an illustration tool for Sales relationships within a target organization. The product has been reliable, flexible, straightforward to integrate, and very easy for end users to understand.
Customer photo
Phil Cederstrom
Chief Technology Officer, Polaris I/O