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Success stories

Here are a few winning examples from fellow JointJS+ users like yourself. We hope they inspire you to create something amazing!
Problem: We wanted to help users visualize the data they were working with inside our software, which consists of hundreds of modules.

Solution: We decided to use a framework which enables drag and drop BPMN design and implementation. After trying the 30 day demo we found that JointJS+ was exactly what we were looking for. We didn’t have to outsource the project, and the free open source demo already resembled the desired product

Bottom Line: We saved a tremendous amount of time by using JointJS+, and we're confident about continuing to use it in the future.  Read the full story here.
Problem: We wanted to develop a graphical solution, and needed to decide whether to create a solution internally or use a third-party product.

Solution: After initial testing we realized the powerful features of JointJS+, which provided a significant increase in efficiency and scaling for their solutions as well as the possibility to completely customize layout for their clients, in turn leading to an improved user experience.

Bottom Line: We reduced our dev time by 40%, improved performance by 20%, and the license model allows us to purchase only what's needed and easily distribute our solutions.  Read the full story here.
Problem: I needed a diagramming framework to build a business tool that we had prototyped in Eclipse (GMF) as a SaaS product.

Solution: I had originally used Eclipse GMF, but then it ceased development (I also looked at Oryx).  But in the end JointJS+ provided the best diagramming framework and in a format that works with a node/backbone/mongo environment.

Bottom Line: Spend some time playing with JointJS and JointJS+ to prototype what you want to do, then go for it!
Problem: We were searching for an efficient method to draw electrical network diagram.

Solution: Being a javascript library, we found JointJS+ was easier to adapt for a web development team and that it is very easy to use. We've realized significant productivity gains by using JointJS+.

Bottom Line: JointJS+ is an excellent javascript based drawing library with a lot of plugins for additional features
Problem: We needed an easy, graphical way to design our processes.

Solution: JointJS+ has allowed us to create a two-layered system, define nodes for states, activities, actions, event handlers, and enter details using the inspector. It's had a measurable impact on our process overviews, resulting in faster process designs and modifications.

Bottom Line: If your problem can be viewed as linked nodes, with each node having a set of properties, then buy JointJS+.
Problem: We wanted a tool for non-engineers that let them draw a scenario diagram that shows agents evolution over time
Solution: We had a solution with a customized COTS that was not suited and that cost big $$. We decided to switch to dedicated development. We chose to use JointJS+ because we could develop our tool in less than a month with a very moderate development budget and zero deployment budget. We had three iterations with the client, and that was it! We used the React framework. The client appreciated the sober high-end graphis assets.
Bottom Line: A few years ago, such development would have taken tremendous time. JointJS+ offers great opportunities for clients who cannot afford big spending on development or customized COTS.