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Bosch designs architecture in a fraction of the time using JointJS+

Bosch originally designed the architecture of its forthcoming cloud-based product from the ground up and faced several hurdles. After thoroughly researching available diagramming libraries, the company decided to make use of JointJS+ and in a fraction of the time improved the way the architecture was modeled.

of development time
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With the help of JointJS+ we were able to continue our development work and with its enhanced features we also integrated and developed our product for better usability and user-friendliness.
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Mrinmoy Saha
Cloud Consulting Project Manager, Bosch


Bosch, the world's leading technology and services provider, is on its way to creating a cloud-based application that helps designers create cloud solutions from a single place. The product architecture was originally planned in a custom-built technology that lacked some key features such as export or icon grouping. To improve the usability and user-friendliness of the tool, the company decided to utilize a diagramming library that offered these features off-the-shelf.


Along with the proactive approach of the JointJS+ team, it equips companies with a set of pre-made features such as export to different formats or advanced shapes, and application templates that make it much easier to bring new products to market quickly. These were some of the key reasons why Bosch confidently chose JointJS+ over other available solutions.


Bosch not only gained the technology that enabled its technical team to create the intended product faster, but also a partner that continually provides expertise in modern web development. The way Bosch models its cloud application architecture has gone from clunky to intuitive and user-friendly, giving its teams greater confidence in the outcome of their work.

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