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Developing an Emergency Services Platform and contributing to a $16M funding round

RapidSOS, a US-based emergency services platform company, approached Neoteric, our exclusive partner, to create an easily customizable solution that would receive signals from other IoT devices and deliver them to emergency call centres to improve overall security. After building a successful POC in just three weeks, Neoteric was tasked with creating the front-end part of an application that would allow users to customize workflows themselves in an intuitive environment, and help RapidSOS serve more clients quickly.

$16M funding
from Microsoft
Uber partnership
to improve user safety
3 weeks
to a successful Proof-of-Concept
Neoteric has built a strong technical foundation, and the quality of their deliverables continues to impress. They provide us with a level of innovation that most outsourcing environments don't. They thrive in environments that require them to make more holistic design, or even in proposing new user interactions that we didn't specify. They provide very good results. I'm also surprised at how independent they are.
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Henry Katz
Former VP of Engineering, RapidSOS


RapidSOS already had a solution that would receive signals from IoT devices and process them. The bottleneck was customization for each individual client, who needed tailored workflows for how and when the signals are collected, processed and provided to emergency centers. The challenge was therefore to create a solution that offered simple customization in a visual and easy-to-understand environment.


Using RapidSOS' chosen technology, JointJS, Neoteric successfully created a proof-of-concept in just three weeks, providing clear evidence that the solution can work as required. Another milestone was the creation of the front-end part of the solution, where even complex workflows could be created in a visual form - without coding knowledge. The goal of RapidSOS was to serve more clients quickly, which was eventually achieved.


Driven by its new solution, RapidSOS has achieved some very important milestones on its journey to a safer world, such as partnering with Uber to pilot an in-app emergency call feature with emergency authorities in several cities, or a $16 million funding round joined by Microsoft Ventures.

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