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A fast way to compose AI models in a No-Code way

Silicon Valley-based AppOrchid cooperated with our exclusive partner, Neoteric, on an innovative idea - a No-Code way to create AI models in a visual environment using drag & drop. Neoteric with their team of diagramming experts was able to successfully build an application from scratch (called the Pipeline Composer) within time and budget, helping the client create AI models 40-50% faster and in a visual way.

faster building AI models
Positive feedback
from key stakeholders
Timely and in-budget
project delivery
Neoteric was a great choice for us. By our estimate, the app will help build AI models at 40% - 50% faster once it is fully implemented. That will loosely translate into several man-hours of coding saved.
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Krishna Kumar
CEO of AppOrchid


Part of the challenge was to figure out a way to build AI models in a No-Code and visual way. Equipped with a broader idea of how the solution should work, Neoteric needed to find a way to create a complete solution that not only built AI models visually and without coding but was also easy to configure.


Powered by our open-source library, JointJS, Neoteric developed an application called the Pipeline Composer that makes it possible even for non-technical users to compose AI models. As Neoteric puts in the customer story published on their website, “the solution is heavily configuration driven, so we hydrate the application with configurations for tasks and their properties fetched via REST API. Each pipeline is provided with a custom set of tasks it can be built of, and definitions of those tasks are provided by backend via a configuration file – that makes extending the application with new task types very easy.”


The Neoteric team helped AppOrchid shape their idea and ultimately delivered a complete solution that not only allows the AI models to be built as the client required, but also allows the AppOrchid team to further configure the application on their side. The key success metrics that conclude this story are 40-50% faster building of AI models, positive feedback from key stakeholders, and on-time and on-budget project delivery.

This project was powered by Neoteric
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