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Visual call flow designer developed 10x faster with JointJS+

As VOXO states on its website, the power is in simplicity. In cloud communications, this is doubly true. VOXO customers expect their solutions to be both flexible and easy to understand. That's why this leading U.S. company decided to create its visual call flow designer using JointJS+, which gives customers everything they need to design complex call routing using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

accelerated development
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over the competition
JointJS+ was the perfect tool for our needs. By far the best drag and drop diagramming tool out there. JointJS+ has the feature set, flexibility, and documentation that allowed us to accelerate the development of our Visual Call Flow Designer 10x.
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Brandon Smith
Senior Software Engineer, VOXO


There are many cloud communications providers on the market, but few are as customer-centric as VOXO. The company listened to its customers' requirements and soon realized it needed to combine simplicity and flexibility in its just-planned visual call flow designer – a feature that allows the customer to visually understand and control the way calls flow through their operation.


VOXO originally considered creating such a solution from the ground up, but soon realized that the time to market would be too long and risk falling behind the ever-evolving competition. Using a proven JavaScript library - a concept that has been adopted by forward-thinking developers around the world - has helped them significantly speed up development time and leave their competitors behind.

As Brandon from VOXO puts it, “JointJS+ was very easy to integrate into our existing package. Plus the documentation and pre-made example projects accelerated our production 10X at least.”

Wondering what the result looks like?

VOXO: Visual call flow designer


In addition to a feature-rich drag and drop interface that puts more power in the hands of customers, VOXO has gained a competitive advantage in record time and reports a tenfold acceleration in development. Their story proves that in modern development, it's not necessary to code everything from scratch.

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