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Leading platform and partner for Customer Success launches workflow automation in record time

ChurnZero, a Washington, D.C.-based company that offers a web-based customer success platform, was looking for a way to implement workflow automation into its SaaS. Instead of spending months developing a solution in-house, the company decided to leverage JointJS+ and launched a rich workflow automation feature with a 70% reduction in time, recording a whopping 90% adoption rate.

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adoption of the workflow automation feature
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JointJS+ has been a great find for us. We were tasked with creating an easy to use workflow automation feature and JointJS+ really fit the bill. It not only allowed us to deliver more than expected, but in a much shorter timeframe. Implementation was simple, documentation is clear and the folks at JointJS provide great support.
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Mike Watkins
Director of Product Engineering, ChurnZero


Churn causes sleepless nights for many product managers and entrepreneurs. ChurnZero knows this and is addressing it through its customer success platform and ongoing partnership with its clients to ensure they get everything they need to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and deliver the best possible customer experiences. In order to offer real-time and personalized communication, ChurnZero needed to launch a feature-rich workflow automation solution.

Although the company considered building the solution internally, they evaluated several JavaScript diagramming library vendors and ultimately decided on JointJS+.


Workflow automation is one use case where JointJS+ excels, offering ready-made features such as intuitive drag & drop functionality, flexible shape definitions, export to PNG, and many others that help companies avoid reinventing the wheel and focus their resources elsewhere.

Besides the pre-made features, clear documentation and flexible pricing were the main reasons why ChurnZero preferred JointJS.

As the company reported, with JointJS+, it didn't have to compromise on the features it offered and ended up with a broader feature set than it had originally planned and delivered in a much shorter time.

Curious about how workflow automation looks in ChurnZero?

ChurnZero: workflow automation


Mike from ChurnZero sums up our collaboration well, “Since introduction, we have seen a 90% adoption rate of the workflow automation feature. I estimate that implementation took us 30% of the time it would have taken had we developed our own implementation. Additionally, since the product is stable, maintenance is kept at a minimum.”

In addition to the above benefits, ChurnZero clients have everything they need to be available to their customers when and where they need it most. That's what we call a win-win-win.

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