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Acceso, powered by JointJS+, revolutionizes food systems in Latin America

Acceso supports small food producers in Latin America and the Caribbean who live on less than $5 a day and produce less than their potential. To fix the dysfunctional market, the company provides a "one-stop shop" that removes all the barriers they face when trading with official markets. Part of their initiatives includes sharing climate-smart agriculture practices, which the company provides via Whatsapp and SMS, orchestrated in a diagram studio powered by JointJS+.

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JointJS+ is a powerful library with several complementary components that allow us to easily interact and send information with our application. It is very flexible to incorporate our developed components, allowing us to have a solid diagramming frontend to create beautiful graphic flows.
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Santiago Mesa
Agtech manager, Acceso


This forward-thinking company needed to improve the way it communicated with its customers and move from a three-step marketing campaign that only worked one-way to a fully conversational and more advanced campaign that provided customers with best practices to improve their production. Based on their internal calculations, building the entire solution from scratch would take a year and cost more than the company could afford.


Knowing that building an application from scratch was not possible, Acceso began evaluating several technologies available on the market, JointJS+ being one of them. Customer communication is a key part of Acceso's business, and they knew the team would need to rely on the solution for the long term. Along with a better look and feel and a very similar demo application to the one Acceso aimed to create, the maturity and flexibility of the technology made them choose JointJS+.

See below what the improved campaign orchestration looks like:

Acceso campaign orchestration


As noted, the company has finally moved from one-way, simple campaigns to more advanced, dialogue-driven marketing initiatives that help customers live healthy, dignified and prosperous lives. As Acceso's Santiago reports, JointJS+ helped the company save a year of in-house development and improve the way Acceso communicates with its customers.

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