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UML Class Diagram

A Unified Modeling Language (UML) Class diagram describes a system by visualizing the different types of objects within a system. JointJS, a JavaScript/Typescript diagramming library, can help users easily build this type of static diagram that describes the structure of a system. Using familiar SVG attributes, or custom JointJS properties, you will be able to visualize classes, their attributes, operations and relationships of a given system.
Demo instructions
Change the position of elements in the diagram using drag and drop.

Made with JointJS+

The source code of this demo is available as part of the JointJS+ commercial license. Don't have a license yet? Start a trial and use the source code of this and many other demos for free, with no obligations, for 30 days.

Made with JointJS+

All features required to build this demo are included in the commercial JointJS+ package. Don't have a license yet? Start a trial and build professional applications with ease.

Made with JointJS

The source code of this demo is available in the JointJS open-source library which helps developers create simple visual applications in less time.

Made with JointJS

All features required to build this demo application are included in our open-source library, JointJS. Download the package and create basic visual applications in no time.

What is UML Class Diagram?

UML Class Diagrams are a powerful tool for developers to model the structure of their software systems. These diagrams depict the different classes that make up the system, along with their attributes and methods, and the relationships between them. With UML Class diagrams, developers can better understand the architecture of their code and how different parts of the system interact with each other.

As a JavaScript diagramming library provider, our product can be used to create UML Class diagrams in a user-friendly way, making it easier for developers to communicate and collaborate on their projects.

Want to learn more about UML class diagrams? Read everything you need to know about this way of visualizing object-oriented systems.

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