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JointJS: Visualize and interact with diagrams and graphs

Create static diagrams or fully interactive diagramming tools such as workflow editors, process management tools, IVR systems, API integrators, presentational applications and much more.
Rappid, an HTML5 diagramming framework
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Uses for JointJS

Looking to build a cool, open source application?  JointJS can do that.  Here are a just few examples.

Featured Application: Mind Mapping

Visually structure your documentation as a beautiful mind map, with neatly organized and searchable content, using our free mind mapping tool - build with JointJS and Rappid.
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Mind Mapping

Visually structure your documentation as a beautiful mind map, with neatly organized and searchable content.
Rappid, an HTML5 diagramming framework

Workflow Systems

Integrate a visual interface to workflow systems such as IVR, ETL, marketing automation applications and more.
Rappid, an HTML5 diagramming framework

BPMN Tools

Quickly create Business Process Management tools, and connect any backend technology via JSON Ajax.
Rappid, an HTML5 diagramming framework

Project Management

Build project management applications with highly interactive, visual, and customized components.
Rappid, an HTML5 diagramming framework

Diagramming Editors

Build diagramming applications such as Org Chart Editors, Mind Mapping Tools, Flowchart Editors and more.
Rappid, an HTML5 diagramming framework

Floor Planners

Add a floor planner editor to your applications dealing with floor layout, event planning and others.
Rappid, an HTML5 diagramming framework

Dependency Management

Design a dependency management interface to make it easy for app users to follow dependencies in a visual way.

Features of JointJS

JointJS has many native features to support visualization and interaction with diagrams, graphs and much more.
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Render hundreds (or thousands) of elements and links with instant interaction
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Many shapes to work with (rect, circle, ellipse, text, image, path, erd, org chart, etc.)
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Highly event driven, you can react on any event that happens inside the paper
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Easily connect diagram elements with links
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Customizable links and associated graphics
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Links smoothing (bezier interpolation) & smart routing
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Custom shapes via SVG or programmatically rendered
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Magnets/ports (link connection points) can be placed anywhere
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Serialization and deserialization to and from JSON format
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Hierarchical Diagrams
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Many Mathematical Functions Operating In 2D Space
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SVG Library Included
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Zooming, Animations, Touch Support
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Flexible Plugin System
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MVC Architecture
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Filters And Gradients
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NodeJS Support
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Interactive Elements And Links

JointJS+ is the commercial extension to the JointJS Core library. It builds on the JointJS foundation and greatly extends it's functionality with widgets, interaction components, additional shapes, and other functionality to build advanced HTML 5 applications.

Free, fully functioning, no commitment.
Many examples to explore, complete with source code.
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Flexible licensing to meet your needs
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JointJS core library

To use JointJS you first need the library core files joint.js and joint.css (or their minified versions). Then you need to include the JointJS dependencies: jQuery, Backbone and Lodash libraries. Plugins can be intermixed arbitrarily or not used at all.

How to install JointJS into your page:


Development version (3.5.3)


Production version (3.5.3)


JointJS Dependencies

jQuery: 3.6.0Lodash: 4.17.21Backbone: 1.4.0
We highly recommend using the above versions of dependencies.
Using npm:
$ npm install --save jointjs
TIP: If you're looking for a complete HTML 5 diagramming framework
solution please visit the JointJS+ section here.

JointJS plugins

Expand JointJS functionality with these plugins.  You can also see them in action via the live demos.


Whether you're a single developer or an enterprise organization, we have a licensing model to suit your needs.
Open Source License
( JointJS Core Only )

JointJS Core library is licensed under the Open Source Mozilla Public License Version 2.0. Everything included in the library is available for download above.
The JointJS Core library does not include JointJS+.
You can obtain a copy of the MPL here and read through the MPL v2 FAQ here.
Commercial License
( Full JointJS+ Framework )

JointJS+ is a commercial extension to the JointJS Core library and builds on the foundation provided by the JointJS Core library by widely extending its functionality to build truly advanced HTML 5 applications.
Dedicated paid support plans are available, as well as custom built solutions for your organization.
Full license terms for JointJS+ are available here.