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A floor planning solution for better workspace management and safety

Our exclusive partner, Neoteric, helped Nanoramic Laboratories create a solution based on the 6S methodology to achieve and maintain a safer and more productive workspace. One of the main tasks that Neoteric successfully completed was the development of a floor planner that would quickly catch on with internal stakeholders.

More convenient
management processes
Better awareness
of the workspace
work environment
While quantitative results can't be measured at the moment, the end product that Neoteric developed has been successfully implemented in the company's facilities, which has been met with positive reception. The internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with the quality of deliverables.
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Astghik Sargsyan
Product Owner, Nanoramic Laboratories


As Neoteric states in a customer story published on their website, the biggest obstacle faced by Nanoramic was the lack of reliable error detection and monitoring system. Although the data regarding the status of the inspected areas was accessible, it was not easy to understand due to its non-visual representation. In other words, administrators tasked with checking work areas to prevent errors from occurring did not have actionable and visually presented data to act upon.


Neoteric's challenge was to further develop and enhance the existing solution, which focused on allowing administrators to draw floor plans, thereby increasing workspace awareness and safety. The web-based application, powered by JointJS+, could visually present the status of the spaces, reducing the time required to manually check them.


As we have already outlined, increasing employee awareness of the workspace is one of the key benefits of the successful collaboration between Neoteric and Nanoramic Laboratories. In addition, workspace inspection processes have become less time-consuming and more convenient, not to mention that employees are working in a safer environment thanks to a more effective error detection mechanism.

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