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Neoteric, our partner with extensive knowledge of JointJS and JointJS+, helps companies of all sizes build cutting-edge software more efficiently by providing dedicated teams to plan, build, measure and improve their product offerings.

Their goal is to bring value to companies like yours as soon as possible. Having created over 40 digital products using JointJS+, Neoteric has developed a proven and repeatable process for delivering high-quality software.
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What others say

Neoteric was a great choice for us. By our estimate, the app will help build AI models at 40% - 50% faster once it is fully implemented. That will loosely translate into several man-hours of coding saved.
Krishna Kumar
CEO of AppOrchid
Neoteric has built a strong technical foundation, and the quality of their deliverables continues to impress. They provide us with a level of innovation that most outsourcing environments don't. They thrive in environments that require them to make more holistic design, or even in proposing new user interactions that we didn't specify. They provide very good results. I'm also surprised at how independent they are.
Henry Katz
Former VP of Engineering, RapidSOS
Working with Neoteric was a real pleasure! They are communicative, they put the customer's needs first, and fully commit to the product's success. The quality of their work is very good, so was the whole process of development.
Aaron Seabaugh
CTO, Common Areas

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