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September 8, 2015

JointJS+ v1.6 "Prague" Released

The new JointJS+ doesn't just improve the current set of components, it adds a lot of new ones, too. Now you can create truly advanced flow chart editors, network monitoring systems, workflow tools and other diagramming applications in days.

New features

Rich-text support in inline Text Editor

The JointJS+ ui.TextEditor component for inline editing of texts in diagram elements and links went through another heavy development iteration. The new version adds support for rich-text editing and improves the API with a syntactic sugar for much easier setup of inline editing. See the docs for more details.

JointJS – Rich-text editor

Flash Messages

Flash messages are great for quickly informing the user that something has happened without worrying about the state of the UI. Just throw a flash message and let the widget worry about destroying itself and cascading one on top of another.

JointJS – Flash Messages


ui.SelectBox widget gives you a full-featured dropdowns with arbitrary HTML content, built-in support for icons, different open policies and keyboard navigation.

JointJS – Dropdowns

Select Button Groups

Use ui.SelectButtonGroup component to display groups of buttons with both single and multi selection support.

JointJS – Select Button Groups

Color Palette

ui.ColorPalette is a perfect component for color selection. Instead of using the browser native color picker which does not work in all browsers, take control of color selection for your shapes with a pre-designed set of colors.

JointJS – Color Palette

New Halo Control Panel Types

The ui.Halo control panel widget was extended with two more types as an alternative to the current version with icon tools surrounding the selected element. The two new types are toolbar and pie menu. You can switch between types just by setting the type option.

JointJS – New Halo Control Panel Types


ui.Lightbox makes it easy to display images in a popup that fills the screen and dims out the rest of the application. The lightbox automatically adjusts its size based on the size of the screen.

JointJS – Lightbox

... and more!

The JointJS Core API was extended by tons of new methods and current methods were improved too. Just to name a few: Vectorizer, the SVG mini-library that is part of JointJS, was extended with methods to convert SVG shapes to SVG paths. Also, the text()method can now render rich-text. dia.Paper has a new, awaited, option for disabling links that do not have source or target (links pinned to the paper). Many of the JointJS+ widgets were improved as well. ui.FreeTransform now accepts preserveAspectRatio option for preserving the aspect ratio. ui.Inspector property editor contains three new types (select-box, select-button-group and color-palette) as well as methods that make it easy to add custom fields. And the list goes on and on... See the JointJS+ v1.6 Prague CHANGELOG page for full details.


If you missed our previous release, visit our blog post to see what components were added and which ones were improved in JointJS+ v1.5 Amsterdam.

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