Feb 3, 2015

JointJS+ v1.5 "Amsterdam" Released

JointJS+ v1.5 Amsterdam Released Feb 3rd, 2015

JointJS+, the HTML 5 diagramming UI framework, version v1.5 just landed. The new version does not only improve the current components but brings ten brand new plugins to make your apps even better.

We'd like to thank to our clients for their extremelly valuable feedback!


Inline Text Editor

JointJS+ finally contains an inline text editor. The editor can be applied to any text in both elements and link labels. 

 The text editor even works on a text on a curved path.

Tree Layout

Automatic Tree Layout is great for displaying and manipulating trees. Two plugins are available related to tree layouts. One is purely for auto-layoting graphs into trees and the other one, ui.TreeLayoutview implements common interaction with trees such as attaching and dettaching a branch. 


 A demo is available here.

Shortest Path Finding

alg.Dijkstra plugin together with a alg.PriorityQueue and the graph extension via dia.GraphUtils give you an easy and quick way of finding the shortest paths in your graphs.

 A demo is available here.

Modal and Non-Modal Dialog Boxes

ui.Dialog plugin brings both modal and non-modal dialog boxes. A default set of common boxes is included (alert, info, success, warning and neutral), an arbitrary HTML can be used to display any content, even diagrams! 

Matrix Charts

Matrix chart is great for visualization of co-occurences in a matrix. 


Navigator View

Navigator is a small widget displaying large diagram in a small format with a pannable and resizable rectangle. 


Local Storage

Local Storage plugin gives you a high-level API for storing graphs, element, links and any other documents in the HTML localStorage.

... and much more!

The JointJS core API got a great bunch of new methods. Vectorizer now supports texts along paths and more. See the JointJS+ v1.5 Amsterdam CHANGELOG page for details.


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David Durman