Aug 25, 2021

More powerful, better – Meet JointJS+ 3.4

JointJS+ version 3.4 is out and comes with a lot of new features and improvements to existing functionality.

You can download the update package from your Account portal. If you're not eligible for a free update you can purchase it through our online store or request a free 30 day trial to try it out.

Have a look at the main highlights below and the full changelog here.

JointJS+ 3.4 Highlights:

A tool to design an SQL database

We're thrilled to announce that – using the newest version of JointJS+ – designing an SQL database becomes an easy and pleasant task for your end-users. The reason being is we launched a new designer tool – apps.Database.

To see the designer tool in action, check out our live demo.

Animated tokens – a way to see data in your system at any given time

JointJS+ 3.4.0 brings animated tokens sent along with links that make it possible to see data in your system at any given time. (Yes, we are very proud of this one.)

To see how animated tokens work, check out our live demo.

Resize and highlight swimlanes using new element tools

New element tools (elementTools.SwimlaneTransform and elementTools.SwimlaneBoundary) make it possible to resize and highlight swimlanes.

To see new element tools in action, check out this live demo.

Simplify and make the shape definition more flexible

By adding calc() functions to be used in various SVG attributes, you can now simplify and make the shape definition more flexible. This new feature (dia.attributes) makes use of refX, refX2, refY, refY2, refWidth, refHeight, refD, refCx, refCy, refRx, refRy effectively deprecated.

To see it in action, check out the Bandwidth Shape Definition Example or GitHub Diff.

And much more....

Inertial scrolling enabled

Finally, you can add inertia option to enable inertial scrolling.

Extended use cases for hierarchical diagrams

Add validateUnembedding() option to control which elements can be unembedded when the paper is put into the embeddingMode.

Tree layout introduced

Using the negative firstChildGap property produces a new type of tree layout.

Fix resizing multiple rotated elements

With JointJS+ 3.4.0, we've improved the resizing of multiple rotated elements.

Complete JointJS+ 3.4 Changelog with sample code and screenshots is here.

We hope you'll get the most from these new features, fixes and updates. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with questions or comments.

Happy diagramming!

- The JointJS Team