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July 23, 2019

JointJS+ 3.0 is here

JointJS+ 3.0 is released and comes with updates, fixes, and great performance improvements.

"Our users requested support for ES6 modules and here we have it. We're excited our users can now use JointJS+ in modern build pipelines." says Roman Bruckner, CTO of client IO. "And that's not all! Huge performance gains with smart viewport matching and link-to-link connections make JointJS+ a truly powerful tool."

You can download the update package from your Account portal. If you're not eligible for a free update you can purchase it through our online store or request a free 30 day trial to try it out.

Take a look at the main highlights here and the full changelog below.

JointJS+ 3.0 Highlights:

Support for ES6 Modules

Support for ES6 Modules

  • Import JointJS+ using ES6 modules syntax.
  • Use JointJS+ in modern build pipelines.
  • Import only modules/plugins that you need.

Performance Improvements

Performance Improvements

  • Smart viewport matching algorithm that renders only those shapes visible in the viewport.
  • Shapes outside the viewport are not rendered saving a huge amount of render time with large diagrams.
  • Viewport re-renders automatically when zooming and panning without the user noticing. See the Collapse/Expand demo:
  • Paper freeze/unfreeze allowing you to control when the paper should re-render.

Link-to-link Connections

Link-to-link Connections

  • Links can now be connected to other links.
  • Graph algorithms introduce new options to walk through the graph structure with link-to-link connections.
  • Check out our new demo on link-to-link connections at

Complete JointJS+ v3.0 Changelog:

  • add Collapsible application
  • upgrade dependencies (Backbone v1.4.0, Dagre v0.8.4, Graphlib v2.1.6, jQuery v3.4.1)
  • compatibility warnings (
  • full support for ES Modules
  • support for Link to Link connections
  • ui.TreeLayoutView - add `validateConnection`, `reconnectElements`, `translateElements`, `paperConstructor` and `paperOptions` options
  • ui.PaperScroller - define `contentOptions` as a function
  • ui.PaperScroller - fix unnecessary scrollbars
  • ui.Stencil - define `search' option as a function
  • ui.Stencil - trigger `group:open` and `group:close` events
  • ui.SelectButtonGroup - add `singleDeselect` and `noSelectionValue` option
  • ui.Clipboard: fix copy&paste with localStorage
  • ui.Halo - support for connectionStrategy
  • ui.Halo - add `rotateEmbeds` options
  • ui.Inspector - fix content-editable sanitizing
  • format.Print - prevent other plugins from being printed
  • layout.ForceDirected - add `x`, `y` options, `graph` accepts an array of cells
  • layout.TreeLayout - add `getLayoutBBox()`
  • layout.TreeLayout - fix `BL`, `TL`, `BR`, `TR` layout link routes not taking element `margin` into account
  • dia.CommandManager - fix batch commands sorting
  • dia.Paper - async mode revamped (viewport matching, rendering progress) [breaking change]
  • dia.Paper - cells are rendered into the `paper.cells` (previously called `paper.viewport`), transformations are applied to `paper.layers` (parent of `paper.cells`) [breaking change]
  • dia.Paper - implement viewport matching (remove views from the DOM when not in the viewport) via `viewport` option and checkViewport()
  • dia.Paper - add freeze(), unfreeze(), isFrozen() and option `frozen` to stop/start views updates
  • dia.Paper - add requireView(), dumpViews(), updateViews() to force views to update
  • dia.Paper - add sorting options (none, approximate, exact)
  • dia.Paper - add `anchorNamespace`, `linkAnchorNamespace`, `connectionPointNamespace`, `defaultLinkAnchor` options
  • dia.Paper - add `useModelGeometry` for scaleContentToFit(), fitToContent(), getContentBBox(), getContentArea()
  • dia.Paper - add `contentArea` for scaleContentToFit(), fitToContent()
  • dia.Paper - fitToContent() returns area (g.Rect) of the content
  • dia.Graph - add `indirect` option for getNeighbors(), getConnectedLinks(), isNeighbor() for link-link connections
  • dia.Graph - getBBox() accepts no parameters and returns the bounding box of the entire graph [breaking change]
  • dia.Graph - getCellsBBox(cells) does not ignore links passed via `cells` parameter [breaking change]
  • dia.Link - add `priority` attribute for anchors
  • dia.Link - add getSourceCell(), getTargetCell(), getPolyline(), getSourcePoint(), getTargetPoint(), getBBox()
  • dia.Link - getSourceElement() and getTargetElement() finds also indirect elements
  • dia.Link - add angle, keepGradient and ensureLegibility options for labels
  • dia.ElementView - add findPortNode()
  • dia.LinkView - properly revert `pointer-events` attribute after a link interaction
  • dia.LinkView - add root node selector for string markup
  • dia.CellView - keep a dragged always view under the pointer (esp. when `restrictTranslate` in use)
  • dia.CellView - make sure `cell:mouseleave` and `cell:mouseenter` events are always called when the mouse leaves/enters a cell
  • dia.CellView - fix referenced bounding box for nodes outside the rotatable group
  • dia.CellView - listening for underlying model changes switched from a specific attribute change (e.g. `change:size`) to a general `change` event [breaking change]
  • dia.CellView - remove deprecated getStrokeBBox() [breaking change]
  • dia.Cell - add generateId(), generatePortId()
  • anchors - modelCenter anchor accepts `dx`, `dy` options
  • linkAnchors - add anchors for link-link connections (ratio, length, perpendicular, closest)
  • linkTools - add `stopPropagation` option for Vertices tool
  • shapes.bpmn - add `data-flow-type` and `data-icon-type` attributes
  • shapes.standard - add `standard.InscribedImage` shape
  • shapes.standard - fix `itemOverflow` change and highlighting for Record
  • shapes.basic - remove deprecated `PortsModelInterface` and `PortsViewInterface` [breaking change]
  • util - breakText() prefers breaking words at hyphens
  • util - nextFrame() extra parameters are appended to the arguments the callback receives
  • Vectorizer - change `xmlns` to `svg` namespace, add correct `xmlns` namespace [breaking change]
  • Vectorizer - fix translateAndAutoOrient() for edge cases
  • Geometry - add divideAt() and divideAtLength() for paths
  • Geometry - supports scientific notation for paths defined via SVGPath data
  • Geometry - add Line.prototype.angle(), Point.prototype.chooseClosest()
  • Geometry - add containsPoint() for Polyline, Path, Curve and Line
  • Geometry - fix Path.prototype.closestPoint() ending in an infinite loop
  • Geometry - add random()

We hope you you'll get the most from these new features, fixes and updates. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with questions or comments.

Happy diagramming!

- The JointJS Team

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