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December 1, 2016

JointJS+ 2.0.1 update released

We're happy to announce an update for JointJS+, version 2.0.1. It includes some useful fixes and changes, and we encourage all v2 users to check it out (full details below). You can download the update package from your Account portal. If you don't yet have JointJS+ 2.0 you can purchase it through our online store or request a 30 day trial!

v2.0.1 Changelog:

  • ‍make compatibility changes towards jQuery 3.1
  • shapes.TextBlock - fix `SVGForeignObject` detection
  • dia.Graph - fix graph references stored on cells (when a cell added to another graph)
  • layout.GridLayout - fix cell's graph references overriden by the layout
  • Vectorizer - remove deprecated attributes' `nodeValue` and `nodeName` calls
  • Vectorizer - fix `convertToPathData()` for polyline.
  • KitchenSink - add various port shapes
  • KitchenSink - improve mousewheel zooming
  • BPMN Editor - fix stencil tooltips
  • joint.ui.Inspector - add missing 'equal' primitive documentation
  • ui.Navigator - make sure links are always rendered after elements
  • ui.Selectbox - fix the default option target
  • dia.CommandManager - account for graph changes
  • layout.TreeLayout - fix prevSiblingGap for first BR/BL sibling
  • dia.CommandManager - make sure changes on newly added cells are executed after the element is added

Enjoy, and happy diagramming!

- The JointJS Team

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