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April 6, 2023

JointJS listed among the Top 100 ComponentSource Publishers for 2023

We are pleased to announce that JointJS has been included in the ComponentSource Top 100 Publishers for 2023. This is the third year in a row that we have walked the imaginary red carpet and are one of the leading publishers.

As ComponentSource explains, the allocation of the awards has been calculated based on real sales orders placed by ComponentSource customers globally during 2022.

Here are a few words from our CEO David Durman:

"JointJS has passed some important milestones, both in terms of product quality and communication. More than ever, we feel strong in our position as a base layer provider for professional applications, and of course we are pleased with the endorsements from unbiased partners like ComponentSource. As for 2023 and beyond, we will benefit from working closely with our valued customers to provide the best diagramming library and support innovators and developers from all parts of the world. Our mission in this regard remains consistent."

If you're considering using JointJS in your project, know that our library is available in two versions: open-source, which makes it easy for solopreneurs and novice developers to incorporate basic diagramming features into their application, and JointJS+, a professional JavaScript/TypeScript diagramming library that helps companies of any size create advanced visual and No-Code/Low-Code applications. The latter offers a 30-day no-obligation trial, so give it a try!

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David Durman
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