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December 7, 2018

Experimenting with JointJS+ and Mind Maps

We've been experimenting with new ways to share JointJS and JointJS+ documentation, and the thought occurred to try using a mind map.

In simplest terms, a mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information.

Mind Map

They've become quite popular in recent years as way to illustrate ideas and processes, both simple and complex, and many people (including us) enjoy using them to arrange thoughts and information.

JointJS+ is all about diagrams. From workflow systems to process management, organizational charts to floor planning, JointJS+ functionality provides a way to create some pretty slick applications. With this in mind we devised a new solution which allows us to showcase our documentation as a beautiful mind map, full of neatly organized and searchable content.

JointJS documentation (Mind Map)

We've already migrated a small section of our documentation over to this new mind map and our plan is to eventually migrate all content there in order to give people a different way to search and interact with the information.

Check it out here:

What do you think? We'd love to hear from you!

– The JointJS Team

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David Durman
Serial entrepreneur, three-time father and a big believer in No-Code/Low-Code technologies.
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