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October 4, 2023

Demo Wednesday: Yamazumi 3D

We've published a new demo: Yamazumi 3D

A "Yamazumi chart" is a visual tool utilized predominantly in the realm of lean manufacturing and process improvement. Originating from the Japanese term "Yamazumi," meaning "to pile up," this stacked bar chart displays the work distribution across different stages of a process. Each bar on the chart corresponds to a specific step in the process, with the segments' height reflecting the time duration for that segment.

The primary advantage of using a Yamazumi chart is its ability to pinpoint discrepancies and inefficiencies in a process, such as undue waiting times or instances of overproduction. Through this visualization, users can compare workloads between steps, facilitating adjustments to ensure a more streamlined and balanced workflow.

You may have already seen this demo in our gallery - it was indeed there! Today we're introducing the new look and some cool features, like increasing or decreasing the duration of a task or segment using the slider. Enjoy!

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