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November 22, 2023

Demo Wednesday: The ArchiMate® Enterprise Architecture Modeling Language

We've published a new demo: The ArchiMate® Enterprise Architecture Modeling Language

What is the ArchiMate® Enterprise Architecture Modeling Language?

ArchiMate is an enterprise architecture modeling language that provides a framework for describing, analyzing, and visualizing the relationships among business domains in an enterprise. Today's demo shows only a subset of the ArchiMate language. Specifically, it is the Business Layer, which is one of the three layers of the language, alongside the Application and Technology layers. The Business Layer describes the organizational structure of an enterprise at the level of business units and their internal collaborations.

How to use the demo?

  • Add new elements to the diagram by right-clicking on the canvas and selecting the element type from the context menu. The example implements only three element types: Business Actor, Business Object, and Business Process.
  • Connect two elements by dragging the connection icon (⮕) of one element to the other element (and create an explicit connection) or dragging an element onto another element (and create an implicit connection). The type of connection is to be selected from the context menu immediately after connecting the element.
  • Switch between the implicit and explicit connections by embedding/unembedding the elements into/from containers.
  • Right-click on an element to open the context menu to: change the visual of the element (each element can be represented in two ways), delete the element and resize the container.
  • Right-click on a link to open the context menu to delete the link.

See the Pen JointJS+: ArchiMate by JointJS (@jointjs) on CodePen.

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