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August 16, 2023

Demo Wednesday: Stencil Favorite & In-Use Groups

We've published a new demo: Stencil Favorite & In-Use Groups

Sometimes the little things can make our lives easier. Today, we're introducing a feature that does just that: helps you intuitively and effortlessly find what you need. Use the interactive demo below to drag and drop any shape onto paper and watch it automatically save to the "Shapes in Use" group in the stencil. Similarly, add any shape to the "Favorite Shapes" group and see how easy it is to reuse the shape. Favorites are saved to local storage, which means your preferences are persistent - you can freely use previously saved shapes even if you refresh the browser or open the demo app later.

Does this look like something you need in your application? Study the source code of this demo and see how you can take advantage of what our experienced developers already built using JointJS+, a professional diagramming library.

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Roman Bruckner
Diagramming enthusiast from an early age, traveler and a persistent contributor to the developer community.
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