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August 23, 2023

Demo Wednesday: Infinite Paper vs. Sheets

We've published a new demo: Infinite Paper vs. Sheets

In JointJS, there's flexibility in defining the paper's dimensions, allowing both arbitrary specification and dynamic adjustments. For instance, adjustments can be made after a shape is positioned beyond its original boundaries. The canvas area can be configured as a single sheet or as multiple sheets placed adjacently, complete with dashed lines indicating page breaks between them. This configuration proves advantageous when the print function is utilized, with each sheet mimicking an actual physical page.

On the other hand, the canvas can also be expanded into an unlimited space without specific confines. These two approaches, their transition, and a demonstration featuring diverse grid types are all elucidated in today's showcase.

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Roman Bruckner
Diagramming enthusiast from an early age, traveler and a persistent contributor to the developer community.
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