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November 29, 2023

Demo Wednesday: Fixed Connection Points

We've published a new demo: Fixed Connection Points

There are various setup choices for configuring links in different applications. In many diagram applications, a frequently adopted approach is to position multiple connection points along the boundary of an element. Users can then exclusively create links from these points, and the target of the links can only be anchored to these designated points. This method streamlines the user interface and, for instance, facilitates the management of parallel links between two nodes.

In JointJS, this behavior can be achieved using ports, but it may not be the most optimal solution. It requires modifying existing models to include ports. A more effective alternative could be implementing it at the logical level using link anchors, a customized highlighter, and a bit of mathematical logic. Explore this approach in today's demo to see the benefits firsthand.

See the Pen JointJS: Fixed Connection Points by JointJS (@jointjs) on CodePen.

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