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August 30, 2023

Demo Wednesday: Clipboard API Integration

We've published a new demo: Clipboard API Integration

Delve into our integration with the Clipboard API, designed to act as a connection point between JointJS+ and the system clipboard. Through this robust API, as showcased in the provided demo below, you gain the capability to copy and paste diagram data seamlessly between distinct native and web applications.

It's important to note that there are two formats for copying diagram content: the "web application/joint" format, which can be employed in other applications compatible with JointJS data, and the "text/plain" format, a textual portrayal of diagram data that can be pasted into any OS environments (notepad applications, Google Document, etc.).

Furthermore, you have the ability to copy and paste regular text and images from the operating system clipboard, with these objects being inserted into the diagram as corresponding elements.

Find out how the integration works with the interactive demo below. For a better user experience, we recommend opening the demo in a new window by clicking the "Edit on CodePen" button.

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