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November 15, 2023

Demo Wednesday: BPMN Pools, Swimlanes & Milestones

We've published a new demo: BPMN Pools, Swimlanes & Milestones

We are progressing towards a dependency-free JointJS version, but our efforts don't stop there. We've been developing additional features and think it's time to share a sneak peek with you.

The current BPMN pools implementation hasn't fully met the needs of BPMN applications, particularly in how elements connect semantically with lanes.

We also tackled the challenge of swimlane and milestone configuration, traditionally done through forms like an Inspector. We've shifted towards a more intuitive drag & drop method.

Introducing the updated features of JointJS BPMN Pools:

1. Managing swimlanes

  • Effortless addition of new swimlanes using drag & drop
  • Easy rearrangement of swimlanes, also via drag & drop
  • Swimlanes auto-adjust in size to fit content
  • Flexible resizing of swimlanes in multiple directions

2. Handling phases (milestones)

  • Simple insertion of phases with drag & drop
  • Phases automatically resize to fit content
  • Multi-directional phase resizing

3. Content awareness

  • Restriction on resizing swimlanes and milestones beyond content limits

4. Clarifying drag & drop outcomes

  • Consistent preview display
  • Emphasizing target lanes and phases for dropping

5. Transferring lanes across different pools

6. Inline text editing

Experience all these enhancements firsthand in our interactive demo here.

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