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Any code block that we want Prism to format, we mark as `CODE` with a special string on the first line, like this:

-- CODE language-js --
* This pen allows you to use all your favourite console functions right in
* CodePen: `console.log`, ``, `console.warn`, `console.error`,
* and `console.clear` are supported.
* To scroll the console to the bottom as messages are printed use the
* `console.follow` function.
* Fork this pen to quickly create a new pen which is pre-configured for
* JavaScript console output.
* If you want to learn how this works then take a look at:
* Made with love by @nullobject (, 2014.


-- CODE language-js --
// Log an object.
console.log({a: 'foo', b: 'bar'});
// Log some extra information.'Many messages, such logging, wow!');

// Log a warning.
console.warn('Warning, warning!');

// Log an error.
console.error('Oh noes, y u do dis?');asd

-- CODE language-markup --
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